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Qualicision solutions can be integrated into any process. Processes in question may show a high degree of automation (complex technical and/or closed machine processes) and be used for monitoring and controlling machines or machine systems.

In such cases, Qualicision increases the process quality and protects the process against technical and process inherent fluctuations. Proposals concerning process parameterization and evaluation of process quality are calculated continuously. Qualicision software will improve the quality, technical controllability as well as the handling of processes.

Qualicision solutions developed in connection with automated engineering processes are called Qualicision A solutions ("A" standing for automated). For instance, said Qualicision A solutions can be implemented in tire production processes. A known tire producer is equipping all extrusion plants at a worldwide level with an automating system based upon Qualicision A techniques, consisting of software elements and hardware measuring systems.

Both hardware and software systems build up a management system that can be implemented at an international level and is aimed at controlling and monitoring essential steps of the extrusion process. A user interface customized to specific production requirements makes handling the system easier. Using this system means doing an essential step towards standardization of tire production.

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  • PSIaps - Advanced Planning and Scheduling

PSIaps is an integrated solution for the holistic planning, simulation and optimization of procurement and production processes. It has been especially designed to meet the complex requirements of the process industry.


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Extrusion management is a complex mechanical engineering process.

A series of technically complex parameterization decisions concerning, for instance, mold dimensions influence the entire process quality.

Qualicision A decision software generates product specific parameters and helps to assure the required product quality.

Modern technical process management requires expertise and knowledge that combine human flexibility and the efficiency of automation.

PSI FLS-developed automation systems consist of integrated software and hardware components that can be integrated in existing production machinery as are for instance extrusion plants. PSI FLS software modules build up complex process-controlling management. A clearly laid out user interface makes handling PSI FLS systems easy: upon production requirements, the system are adapted to any new situation in the production process.

PSI FLS systems support both standardization of technical plants and therefore standardization of process control. PSI FLS software and hardware techniques are based upon human and data based process expertise, and software for qualitative decision support and optimisation.