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Qualicision – The concept

Encounter process goals

Qualified Decisions

Qualicision is a software and consulting concept aimed at assuring and optimizing the process quality by means of intelligent data collection, analysis and balance between target and criteria conflicts.

Qualicision is designed to work on automation, quality checking, material flow and business-oriented processes, increasing their safety and transparency and complementing them with integrated and objective decisions.

Qualicision solutions are working with quantitative and qualitative information, which means a specific reduction of the data flood of complex systems. This way, technical reliability and human flexibility are combined into a mix of maximum flexibility and highest possible exactness.

The underlying basic software technology, the PSI FLS-owned software Qualicision, is designed to create synergies between fuzzy-modeling and decision support. Qualicision solutions apply in closed automation processes as well as in open interactive processes.

Possible forms of interactions can be process communication between technical systems or user dialogs. Qualicision solutions can be designed as online or offline systems, real time systems, near to real time systems or open web-based systems.


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A Qualicision  solution is generated by means of conceptually defined succeeding work steps. The process to be equipped with a Qualicision solution has first to be analyzed regarding several aspects:

The first step is to identify the so-called decision aspects, which are those facts of a process that either have to be decided (decision alternatives or just: alternatives) or that decisions have to be taken about (decision criteria or just: criteria or goals).

The second step is to analyze the decision context, which describes the impact relations between alternatives and criteria. The decision context includes all known information referring to which alternatives have a positive or negative impact on a certain criterion. The determination of decision aspects and definition of decision contexts is called Qualicision analysis of the process in question.

In the third step, the Qualicision synthesis is carried out which means that impact relations are integrated into the process.

Process oriented analysis and integration by means of Qualicision methods

Qualicision is a software and consultancy method aimed at developing software solutions for systems with abilities similar to human judgment or even better than this, mainly when processing large data amounts.

Qualicision solution software modules integrate technical and decision knowledge into a wide range of work and process flows.

Depending on the degree up to which the process in question is already technologically defined and automated, the Qualicision system can either be designed as an enclosed automated system controlling a machine process or as an open and interactive business and decision system supporting people at their work.

Very often, people use Qualicision concepts intuitively. A detailed road map, for instance, gives plenty of information of which only a small part is actually needed.


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Depending on our specific target when looking at a map (e.g. the type of road we prefer, like freeway or highway, etc.) we will concentrate intuitively on that kind of information that will finally serve our purposes best.

In a similar way, Qualicision focuses on specific process data and information. This way the flood of data decreases while the usefulness of information grows. Alternatives are easier and faster to evaluate. Decisions concerning the way to go can be made in a target oriented and efficient manner.

Depending on the type of process integration, either

Qualicision A

Qualicision Q

Qualicision P

Qualicision B

solutions are implemented.

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The transformation into software is done by Qualicision software engineers implementing the decision context by means of Qualicision.

Together with the customer, PSI FLS will then evaluate and optimize the preliminary software solution in the context of a second Qualicision analysis.

According to PSI FLS' philosophy, the customer is always integrated into the following phases of system adaptations and final adjustments. Thus, when concluding the project, the customer has developed a proper Qualicision know-how.

Process-oriented Qualicision techniques

The development of either Qualicision  A , P , Q or B solutions requires different Qualicision analysis or integration techniques.

In the case of Qualicision A , Q and P solutions, our staff specializing in mathematical / technical and operational methods is developing the software.

When working in the field of Qualicision B solutions, our staff specializing in communication and business-oriented methods is in charge of developing the software.

Irrespective of the consulting methods used, decision aspects and decision context are the first result of any Qualicision analysis.

Afterwards, the Qualicision synthesis is carried out. In other words: the results obtained are transformed into software and then integrated into the process in question.